TCL’s wearable display glasses will go on sale in July starting in Australia

TCL’s wearable display plugs directly into your phone or laptop. | Photo: TCL

TCL says its wearable display will go on sale in July starting in Australia for $899 AUD (about $680 US), with more markets to follow. The company has been teasing the concept for a couple of years now and showed it off earlier this year at virtual CES.

TCL calls it NxtWear G and emphasizes that it’s not a VR or AR device in its current configuration. Instead, it acts as an external display for your mobile device or laptop, with two 1080p Micro OLED panels that give the effect of looking at a 140-inch screen.

The wearable display works with phones, tablets, and laptops that offer USB-C DisplayPort functionality, including recent MacBooks, iPad Pros, and Samsung S21 series phones. The glasses plug directly into your device, displaying…

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