Sweet Tooth’s post-apocalyptic world is meant to be a ‘storybook dystopia’

Sweet Tooth
Photo: Netflix

Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth is a comic book about a young boy surviving in a world ravaged by a pandemic. He also happens to be a “hybrid,” a new breed of half-human, half-animal creature that began to appear alongside the deadly sickness. It’s a dark story, one that had the potential to be incredibly bleak and uncomfortable when translated to television. That’s particularly true now, as the real world continues to deal with its own pandemic. For the team adapting the story for an upcoming series on Netflix, all of these factors combined to create a slightly different approach. “It made us lean more into the hope,” executive producer Amanda Burrell says of the show.

Netflix’s eight-episode Sweet Tooth series will debut on June 4th. It’s a…

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