Streaming – the future of television?

More and more TV viewers prefer to stream. According to the IT association Bitkom
more than three quarters (77 percent) of German internet users aged 14 and over watch films, series, TV shows or videos already non-linear, so not at a fixed time on TV, but when you want on the internet. This trend is also reflected in Austria. If you look at the TV use of the ORF during the day, then you see one strong peak in the population 50 years and older.

Especially among students, this type of media consumption is popular. Instead of paying GIS fee (goverment fee on television in Austria), they spend their money on accounts with video streaming providers, which one share with friends or family members. Especially Netflix has gained a lot of popularity over the last years.

TV without paying GIS fees and completely legal

In the meantime, it is possible in Austria to legally watch TV without paying GIS via streams. Either you can remove the tuner of the existing TV, or you change to a new device without tuner. According to the Administrative Court judgment from July 2015, TVs without tuners are treated as monitors and therefore will not fall under the category of radio receivers. These monitors can then be used as streaming Devices and you can use the most popular Streaming Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zappn or others.

KAGIS – The GIS-free TV alternative

Although you can stream nowadays from almost any device such as tablet, smartphone or tablets, the trend is toward big screens. KAGIS has responded to these trends and offer together with their new partner CHiQ smart TVs without tuner. Currently they are offering a 55 “4K HDR device in their Assortment, however, 2020 a smaller 43” model will follow. The TVs have 4K HDR panels and Android TV integrated (based on Android 9). Thus, all without additional streaming stick. Streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube etc. are pre-installed. There are currently only very few TVs without tuner the provide HDR. HDR is very popular with gamers, but also Netflix already radiates many titles in HDR and there are more every day. All KAGIS devices support HDR and Dolby Vision. CHiQ also offers a 24 month pickup and return service on all KAGIS devices.

CHiQ – official partner of KAGIS

CHiQ is a European TV brand of the Changhong Group from China. Since 2016 CHiQ
is marketed as Changhong’s high-end brand in Europe. Since 2005, Changhong has
Production sites in Europe represented (Czech Republic, Prague). The CHANGHONG group was founded in 1958, they have since become one of the largest Chinese providers of
Consumer electronics, focusing on research and development, manufacturing and the
Sales of consumer electronics products. Today, CHANGHONG has more than 90,000 employees and have subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. CHANGHONG has been the best-selling TV brand for 18 consecutive years on the chinese market.

Difference to other providers

Integrated Android TV: The devices have Android TV based on Android 9 integrated. Thus, no additional hardware is needed for streaming and the televisions support all
known streaming providers as well as Android TV apps.

UHD 4K HDR: Ultra HD has long since become a standard, but to truly fulfill todays TV ambitions HDR is also necessary therefore also integrated HDR and HLG support und Dolby Vision is integrated

Bestprice: TVs without tuners or monitors are for a very special market and usually not
cheaper than normal TVs. However, with the partner CHiQ – KAGIS can offer the best features as well as the best price on the market.

More information about the products, availability and prices are on the official KAGIS website to find. Further technical details can be found in their product data sheets.