Steam can now stream games at 8K resolution and we immediately thought of you

An early 8K TV set.

I just realized: I never came back to thank you for buying that $30,000 8K television. I mean, I’m sure the $1,500 coupon helped? But I feel like I still owe you a bit more.

How about this: why not be the first to stream PC games at 8K resolution to the other end of your mansion? When we saw that Steam now supports that feature, we immediately thought of you.

Imagine the possibilities: you could sit down on your fully immersive $9,000 toilet with your backup 8K TV — as you do — and instead wasting so many of those glorious pixels on a pillarboxed Snyder Cut, you can use all 33+ million of them to sling some not-terribly-demanding game at 8K resolution from your blinding rainbow death box of an RTX 3090-equipped gaming PC, without even…

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