Square dial design, Released on July 12

Honor Watch 4 will be released on July 12, today a blogger put out its official rendering, take a look at it.

Blogger @Pengpengjun came to release the official rendering of the Honor Watch 4. From the exposure map, the Honor Watch 4 uses a classic square dial design, the watch frame is curved, and it looks like a matte texture. Combined with previously exposed images, the watch offers black, beige, light blue three straps, the latter two of which are printed with the Honor white logo.

Previously, Jiang Hairong, CMO of Honor Terminal China, released a fun video, officially confirming that the new Honor Watch 4 can achieve a 10-day long battery life.

In addition, the official has previously confirmed that the new product supports eSIM. The eSIM smartwatch currently on sale, in the full intelligent mode, the longest battery life is only 5-7 days, and the longer battery life can only sacrifice the functional experience. Two days ago, Fang Fei, president of the Honor terminal product line, also revealed in his microblog that the Honor watch 4 “is both necessary and uncompromising”, and many netizens boldly speculated that the Qinghai Lake battery may be used in the Honor Watch 4.

In addition to battery life and communication, Honor Watch 4 is expected to bring more comprehensive product feature highlights, and igeekphone will remain concerned.

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