Spelunky is coming to the Switch along with other great-looking indies

At its latest indie showcase, Nintendo revealed a handful of intriguing titles coming to the Switch in 2021. The biggest reveal is that Among Us, one of 2020’s biggest games, isn’t just coming to the Switch, but it’ll be available later today.

There were plenty of other cool announcements as well. One of the most notable reveals was that classic rouguelike series Spelunky is coming to the Switch next year. That includes both the original Spelunky as well as Spelunky 2, with local multiplayer for both (and online for the sequel) in summer 2021.

Other reveals include:

  • Fisti-fluffs, a physics-based brawler about cats wreaking havoc in an empty house, will launch in early 2021
  • Tunche, a hand-drawn action game about exploring a fantasy…

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