Sony’s PS5 teardown video reveals removable sides, dust catchers, and storage expansion


Sony has published a seven-minute teardown video of the PS5. The teardown gives us the best look at the PS5 so far, including all of its internal parts and how the sides are removable. Yasuhiro Ootori, head of Sony’s mechanical design for the PS5, leads the teardown in Japanese, noting that the entire rear of the PS5 is designed to exhaust air out of the console.

Sony is using a base on the PS5 that’s held in with a screw when it’s oriented vertically and clipped to the side of the console if you’re planning to use it horizontally. The white panels on either side of the console can be easily removed by lifting and sliding them off. This reveals the main cooling fan at the top of the PS5, which can draw in air from either side. Sony is…

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