Sony posts and deletes ad featuring an upside-down PS5

I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to look. | Image via u/madhouse5625 on Reddit

The PS5 is a strange-looking console, and its curved edges can make it difficult to know exactly which way the console should sit when it’s laid down flat. In the significant majority of Sony’s marketing, when the console is shown on its side, the disc drive is on the bottom. But rather hilariously, it seems that even Sony can get confused about which way it’s supposed to go, as it released a video on its main Twitter account showing the console lying down with the disc drive on top (via Kotaku).

The video has already been deleted, but thankfully, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of how the PS5 appeared in the ad, nestled into someone’s home entertainment system.

Image via u/madhouse5625 on Reddit

The upside-down…

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