Sonim RS80 SmartScanner is a New Rugged Tablet

Sonim, a company from USA known for its rugged phones just launched a new rugged tablet. The new model is dubbed RS80 SmartScanner and it’s a fully rugged slate with lots of physical buttons and Android 10. It’s heavily reinforced and has a slew of useful features detailed below.

This device is both waterproof and dust proof and it’s meant for industrial environments, field service, public safety workers in difficult environments and more. It’s the first tablet in the Sonim ultra rugged line and it’s also fully rugged. It can be purchased in the UK and Europe via Sonim’s official partner Capestone. Pricing is know yet known, but it’s probably pretty big. However, it could be covered by insurances, grants and company budgets. This is an 8 inch tablet with a barcode scanner attached, a touchscreen display and a large battery, which provides you with multi shift usage

The device has 4G LTE connectivity, Android 10 and it’s offered with a 2 year warranty. It also supports SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software, a set of software tools, applications and utilities that help with management and productivity. It’s got high bandwidth 4G, a glove friendly touchscreen and it can easily be cleaned with bleach, isopropyl alcohol and other disinfectants, in order to minimize risk of contamination. The corners are reinforced and the device can take drops, scratches, rough water and more.

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