Snapdragon 888 Models Ranking by Sales: Xiaomi and Meizu are Unbelievable

Qualcomm’s current flagship chip is the Snapdragon 888, which was launched on the Xiaomi Mi 11 model in December last year in China! Since its release, it has caused a lot of controversies, basically around the issues of small performance improvement and high power consumption!

In the first half of 2021, major mobile phone manufacturers have also launched their own flagship models equipped with Snapdragon 888 processors. Taking advantage of the time in the evening, we have compiled the sales and praise rate data comparisons of all 888 machines operated by Dongfang. Take a moment: Xiaomi and Meizu are more surprised!

Xiaomi 11 occupies the first position in sales charts I intended to feed into the! After all, a 2K four-curved flexible screen, 100 million pixel main camera, 55W wired 50W wireless charging, etc., occupy the position of flagship goalkeeper is more than enough! However, in terms of user evaluation, Xiaomi’s high-end models have a low praise rate, and the Xiaomi MIX FOLD folding screen even only has a 90% praise rate, which surprised me! In contrast, the positive ratings of the K40 Pro series are all above 94%!

OPPO Find X3 Pro is the best Snapdragon 888 model rated by users, with a 96% favorable rating. The second is that VIVO IQOO7 has a 95% user praise rate.

In contrast, Meizu is even more surprising! The sense of the existence of Meizu mobile phones in the past two years has been getting lower and lower. Logically speaking, users who can start with this model are generally true fans of Meizu mobile phones, but the sales of the two models of the Meizu 18 series are both in the About 10,000+, the positive rate is only 90%, which is quite disappointing. It seems that this small factory in Zhuhai needs to work harder on mobile phone design and polishing!

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In addition, we also collected data on three games. Among them, the Black Shark 4 Pro performed the best user reviews, but only sold 5000+. The other two mobile phones Savior 2 Pro had a favorable rating of 94% and sales 2000+; ROG5 The sales volume is 10,000+, and the favorable rate is 92%. Judging from these data, the appraisal of gaming phones is generally acceptable, but the sales volume is still not enough. It can be seen that the demand for gaming phones is not too great!

Many Snapdragon 888 models will be released in the second half of the year, and we look forward to the better performance of subsequent models!

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