China’s smartphone market is seeing a significant drop in its sales. Recently, Apple’s iPhone sales in China experienced a substantial drop. This dashed all the hopes of an overpriced smartphone making an impact in China.

Smartphone sales drop in China

Due to slow economic growth, the countrymen are forced to be a lot more careful before making expensive purchases. This shows the maturity of the Chinese, as a nation but is definitely a negative point for the Smartphone manufacturers.

According to smartphone import statistics, shipments of mobile phones to China fell six percent in March compared with the same year-earlier month.

The shipments dropped to 28.4 million units in March from 30.2 million units in March 2018, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) said.

March’s six percent slide follows four consecutive months of double-digit declines.

Apple is known to market its products in an unconventional method which lures its customers into its marketing tactics. The company endured an abrupt decline in China sales in late 2018. To get out of the hot waters, the company introduced an even more expensive smartphone but with lesser functions than cheaper Chinese rivals. As expected, the move was a total failure, however, Apple even had this covered. When that failed to work, the company dropped the prices to a level which was still well above the competition.

Difficult times for Apple in China

The fact that a big slice of the Chinese market is not buying at any price is going to be a major headache for Apple this year.

Due to the decreased sales, the number of new devices launched by phone makers also fell. A total of 52 new handsets hit the market in the month, down 35 percent from a year earlier.

Last year was anemic for the world’s largest mobile phone market, with total shipments falling 15.5 percent, CAICT data shows. The weakness continued in 2019 – February shipments totaled 14.5 million units, the lowest since February 2013 and a 19.9 percent decrease from a year earlier.