Best smart watches for 2021- The Ultimate Buying Guide

Smart watches for teenagers

Don’t we all search for items that would make our lives easier? We all look for convenience in any product we purchase, specially when it comes to electronics. Sure, a watch would be useful to have, but how about a watch combined with access to your phone, so that you can checkout notifications and other added facilities. You can now do this by simply glancing at your watch without the whole process of searching for your phone in your bag packs and pockets. And we will help you to identify your ideal smartwatch from a wide range of smart watches for children, smart watches for ladies and even smart watches for teenagers specifically, catering to each person’s need.


How to choose your ideal smart-watch


So of course, the first rule when it comes to buying a smart watch is that it needs to fit the brand of your phone. Given that the smart watch constantly interacts and connects with the phone for servicing you, this feature is very important. For example, if you do not have an iPhone, purchasing an apple watch will definitely not work out. And also, if you buy an OS watch for your iPhone, you will have less facilities when compared to an android phone.

Comfort level

When considering your personal comfort levels, it may vary according to your wrist size. Smaller smart watches, ones with case sizes smaller than 44mm are particularly searched for in smart watches for children. Anything otherwise might be too bulky or annoying to wear.


The next thing to focus on after figuring out your ultimate smart watches for children, ladies or teenagers, is the style. For example, OS watches offer a variety of appearances as it is built by quite a few companies such as the Diesel, Skagen and Fossil where it may vary according to their own designs. Meanwhile the Apple and Samsung watch designs too vary according to your preference.


Sensory systems

A very classy addition to today’s smart watch features is the inclusion of 2 distinct sensors, namely the heart rate sensor and the ECG sensor.

This is very practical and resourceful for a person who wants to keep a keen eye on their health, or to anyone that works out or even does a small morning jog. The optical heart rate sensor’s task is to study the wavelength of light off the flowing blood within the wrist where you wear the watch. This determines your heart beat and helps you study your own health. Super useful isn’t it?

The ECG sensor, on the other hand identifies electrical signals within your skin, helping to you to figure out the status of your heart rate by measuring your heart’s contraction. So why does this feature exist anyway? The answer to that is that through this simple yet precious device, you can determine whether your heart rate is average or abnormal. Now this is a very crucial feature if you are a sporty student.

So, smart watches with such special sensory features would be ideal smart watches for children.


Ingress Protection rating features

If you’re confused about what this exactly is, it is a mode of quality assigned to devices on assuring how safe it is from damage. Basically, these ratings contain 2 numbers, for instance IP65. The first number after IP defines its protection from substances like dust and dirt, while the second number signifies its protection from soggy environments such as drizzling rain.

What you need to keep in mind when buying such products is, if you are an outdoor person, you may prefer going for a smart watch with a higher standard of IP status as that equals to protection from natural elements.


Our Choices for you

smart watches for teenagers

Apple watch SE


  • Display is 1.78’’ (OLED)
  • Operating System is watch OS 7
  • Compatibility is to the iOS
  • Battery life is for 18 hours
  • Storage capacity is for 32GB
  • IP rating ensures water resistance up to 50m

First thing you’d notice once you buy this product is its flawless design, with an outstanding variety of features and its top-end specs.

If you are planning on buying yourself the Apple watch 6, we recommend you the Apple watch SE instead, specially since the latter offers pretty much everything that the former offers. And the added plus point to this is that it does all these for a much affordable price than the Apple watch 6. This is a sound bit of advice for teenagers who always search for the better ones. So, this could be one of the best smart watches for teenagers.

Of course, it goes without being said that you should have an iPhone to collaborate with this smart watch effectively.

The only downside to all this luxury is the battery life which is not so high when compared to other smart watches. But it would be ideal to wear to school or university or a day out even. This also would be one of the ideal smart watches for ladies as well as children.

Cost effectiveBattery life may be inadequate
high quality designDisplay always option unavailable
Top-end specs 


For our customary rating we give this a solid 5 out of 5. This is the best option for Apple user unless they are willing fork an extra wad of cash.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars



Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Smart watches for teenagers


  • Display is 2″ or 1.4″ 360 x 360 (Super AMOLED)
  • Operating System is Tizen OS
  • Compatibility is to the Android, iOS
  • Battery life is for 3 days on 45mm
  • Storage capacity is for 8GB
  • IP rating is IP68

To all Android Users, have we got the perfect deal for you! The Samsung Galaxy watch 3, in appearance looks far delicate and slimmer than the ones of the first generation. It has a simple, yet beautiful design with a vivid display which will definitely grab your attention.

This watch is known as the sequel of the Galaxy watch of 2018 but more organized and visually stunning.

If you are planning on buying your child a smart watch, this may be the ideal option when it came to Smart watches for teenagers, given its one and only rotating bezel. This is a fun tool that comes with the watch designed for its entertainment when navigating around the smart watch. Rather than having to touch the display screen of the watch, you may use this bezel, which even prevents it from getting dirty.

And yes. This handy little device always contains improved fitness features such as an electrocardiogram.

A small issue that comes with this watch however, is the lack of Apps that it offers for you when compared with other operating systems like WatchOS or Wear OS. However, this won’t be a problem if what you are searching for is a simple elegant smart watch capable of fitness tracking and entertainment. This type may also be recommended as good smart watches for ladies.

Unique tool bezel toolBattery life is not too good
A stunning designMay be a little over budget
A great fitness tracker 


If you are a Samsung lover or a Android user, then this is probably the best smart watch for you. It does not look overly futuristic but it packs so many features. Definitely deserves the 5 stars.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Apple Watch 6

Smart watches for ladies


  • Display is 78″ (OLED)
  • Operating System is WatchOS 7
  • Compatibility is to the iOS
  • Battery life is for 18 hours
  • Storage capacity is 32 GB
  • IP rating is capable of being water resistant up to 50m

If its for quality you are searching for and if you have deep pockets, this product was surely made for you.

When first looking towards its design, it seems similar to previous models due to its circular metal body and perfect square display. What’s new is it has taken a step away from its usual colour as it now comes in red and blue too. If we are talking of the Apple watch 6, it is essential to compliment its OLED technology too. The display brings clarity to the screen with its ideal colour contrast ratios.

These qualities scream out as an ideal expensive gift, when buying smart watches for ladies or smart watches for teenagers who like looking classy.

When we look at this watch in a health tracking perspective, it offers multiple excelling features such as the blood oxygen monitor which is being built by Apple and sleep tracking. Sleep tracking is a useful feature in measuring your stress levels and planning a better sleep pattern. An advanced chipset is also inclusive in this smart watch.

Cons of this special device are its expensiveness and the possibility that the AI assistant Siri might wear out the battery when used consistently. Also, as we have mentioned earlier the Apple Watch SE might be the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a more affordable version of this.

Always on display option available unlike in The Apple Watch SEBattery durability could be better
New colours like red & blue includedNo headline upgrade available
Health tracking featuresexpensive


The Apple Watch 6 is the premium option when it comes to Apple based watches. However, we felt the Apple Watch SE is very similar to the Apple Watch 6 which is counterproductive for its expensive price tag. Therefore, we only gave it 4 stars out of 5. For the extra hundred bucks you are not getting anything extra.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars


Fitbit Versa 3

Smart watches for Children


  • Display is 58″ (AMOLED)
  • Operating System is Fitbit OS
  • Compatibility is to the Android, iOS
  • Battery life is for up to 6 days
  • IP rating is capable of being water resistant

Searching for smart watches for teenagers which are simple and isn’t of the cliché of being Samsung or Apple? And if fitness tracking is what you mostly expect out of the watch, then this surely is the perfect match for you.

We present to you the Fitbit Versa 3. With a simple yet attractive design, this watch does not only contain a clear screen image to adjust your eyes easily to, but also is rather comfortable to wear. Fitbit is one of the best companies to focus on fitness and health when creating helpful little devices. So, if you are a person with an extra concern for your health, these are the best smart watches for ladies, for men and even children with health concerns.

Another important feature to talk of about the Fitbit versa 3 smart watch is its integrated GPS tracker, which will track your distance and the pace at which you are travelling in walks, hikes, runs, jogs, and even bike rides. You can simply take along your watch on your wrist rather than taking the risk of bringing your phone with you and losing it. This smart watch also contains and SpO2 sensor that measures your oxygen levels in the blood even during sleep.

If this isn’t the perfect fitness tracking smart watch to have, I don’t know what is.

Simple and comfortableUnavailability of Spotify online
AffordableApart from fitness, has fewer features.
GPS system and many other fitness tracking features.Side button may malfunction


Probably the best option for fitness enthusiasts. It does have lesser features than the other models on this list. But we have to agree that fitness and tracking the users fitness was the main focus of its design. Therefore in that perspective we believe it deserves the 5 star rating.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Amazfit Bip

Smart watches for Children


  • Display is 28″
  • Compatibility is to the Android, iOS
  • Battery life is for up to 45 days
  • IP rating is not water resistant

If you are searching for a very cost-efficient smart watch, with the main requirements working perfectly, and to use on long trips, then you have found your ideal smart watch.

The Amazfit Bip watch looks similar to the design of an Apple watch. One of the greater benefits of the appearance of this device is its transflective quality. Let me explain. If you wanted to go out on a day-time trip, under the sun, this simple feature will benefit you greatly. Even under direct sunlight, this feature allows you a very visible readability in your screen without using up your battery. So yes. Planning on a week long trip? Make sure you don’t forget the Amazfit Bip.

This also includes a GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor so you do not have to worry about tracking your physical well being when you’re away from home. As teenagers often are accustomed to travelling on school trips with friends, this can be identified as one of the best smart watches for teenagers, and one of the best electronic buddy smart watches for children.

Functionality-wise this product may have a few downsides such as low-resolution graphics and the inability to respond to your notifications through the smart watch itself.

Clear readability despite direct sunlightGraphics are not of high quality
Commendable battery life (45 days)Inability to respond to notifications
AffordabilityFitness measurements may not be pinpoint accurate.


Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on a smartwatch . We believe for such users the Amazfit Bip will be the perfect solution. In terms of affordability and cost effectiveness the watch deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars rs

Did you make your pick?

Now with all the options we have provided you with, it is up to you to decide the best smart watch you based on our list of smart watches for teenagers, smart watches for children, and even smart watches for ladies catering to their needs