Smart watch for girls: The Redmi watch review

Smart watch for girls


When Redmi released its Note 9 series last month the company also issued its first smartwatch: The Redmi Watch. Smart watches are a hot topic in 2020 and its popularity just keeps growing. This is mostly due to the prices of smartwatches getting reduced substantially over the years. They are no longer a luxury as the current prices allow anyone to own one. We believe the Redmi Watch is going to be a great smart watch for girls. Its smaller compact size, stylish design together with its sleek black colour blends in with a variety of trendy fashion designs. If you are looking for a smart watch for boys, this might still suit your tastes.


Does the design suit it being a smart watch for girls?

Smart watch for girls

The Redmi Watch follows a very simple square design. We believe it was designed to mimic the Apple watch. The similarities in design between the Apple Watch and the Redmi watch are strikingly similar. The Redmi Watch has a square display. The specialty of this display is that it is 2.5D thanks to its curvature. For those who do not know, the difference between 2D and 2.5D is the curvature of the screen and nothing else.


We felt that the watch was really small in our hands. But most of its operations can be performed via its touchscreen. The smart watch does have a button on the right side but it is not something you would use frequently. The display area is much smaller than other smartwatches on the market. We felt that this was both good and bad. Because even though it limits the watches functionality, it increases its compact wearability. This is why we think it’s the best smart watch for girls. If you are looking for a smart watch for boys that are smaller in size then this might be an attractive option.



How wearable is it being a smart watch for girls?

Thanks to its smaller size the watch blends in with most fashion designs out there. It also does not appear alien when worn out for social occasions. A watch that takes up your entire wrist is not a very good definition of formal/smart.


It is very light weight. In fact it only weighs 35g. That is right! It is that light. It is so light that we do not even ask you to remove it at night. The light weight puts minimal stress on your wrist and you would not even feel it there.



Smart watch for boys

If you are looking for a smart watch heart monitor then this might just suit you. The Redmi watch has most of the features the Mi watch has in its arsenal. They are both built through the same ecosystem.


But the smart watch does lack a esim. Therefore it does not have the ability to make or answer phone calls. This applies to text messages as well, once again the limitation being the e-sim. But we really don’t think it is a big issue. No one really uses their smart watch to answer calls, that is why TWS earbuds exist. If you can get a pair of TWS earbuds then you would probably have way better call quality than most smartwatches on the market.

The redmi smart watch does have most of the features that are available on any smart watch. This includes media control,volume control, tracking sports and heart rate, notification and alerts plus many more. The smart watch heart monitor in the Redmi Watch is pretty accurate and tracks it well even during strenuous exercise.


What does the button do?


As we mentioned before the Redmi Watch has a button. The button can be used for several different actions. This includes lighting up the display of the smart watch, opening the app menu and navigating through it.

While the button’s actions are quite limited, users should remember that it is because the display is the main interface of the smart watch. 


Our verdict


The first look at the watch did not make us feel that it is cheap. The exterior of the Redmi Watch has a very good finish. It’s curved and does not have any awkward looking edges. The optical heart sensor is visible on the back of the watch. We did not find any issues with it tracking the heart rate when exposed to moisture.


The watch blended in well with most of our fashion choices. This is why we pronounce the Redmi Watch as the best smart watch for girls. As we said before it might be a good smart watch for boys as well, taking into account their size and build. Well for its price range obviously. The Redmi Watch costs only a fraction of what most mainstream smartwatches cost today.


Even though the watch comes programmed in mandarin it can easily be switched to English through its app. The App was very basic and had nothing complicated to work around with.


For our customary rating of the product we decided to give it a 4 out 5. We did take a point out because it lacked an E-sim. Considering its price it really was not fair to do so, but since it is a feature that is expected by many we had to.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars