Slide-Phone: Oppo Unveiled a Multi-Foldable Smartphone With Stylus

Samsung’s foldable smartphones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the Z Flip, give a taste of the possibilities that flexible displays offer today and more in the future. Oppo, in cooperation with the designers of the Japanese studio Nendo, takes a new step by presenting a concept simply called “Slide-Phone“.

As the photos show, when folded up, the smartphone is no bigger than a credit card, although it is of course a bit thicker. Concretely, the device measures only 54x86mm when folded. Three hinges allow the unfolding in several stages. The smartphone can be used for different purposes, depending on its opening.

According to Oppo, this triple hinge gives the user the ability to use the smartphone in exactly the dimension that suits them. Thus, when the first hinge is open, the user has access to a screen with a diagonal of 40mm. It is ideal for checking notifications, the call log, or for controlling music.

A video shows the other uses that this futuristic concept makes possible thanks to its multiple hinges:

If you open the smartphone a little more, you have access to an 80mm screen. According to Oppo, this mode is particularly suitable for taking selfies or video conferencing, since the camera can be pointed forward and, if necessary, tilted.

If the Slide-Phone is fully unfolded, the entire screen, which is normally hidden inside the smartphone, is revealed. The designers specify that the screen when fully opened measures a total of 7 inches. In landscape format, the smartphone can also be used as a portable game console. In addition, there should also be a stylus.

Neither Oppo nor the designers have revealed if and when this concept will ever go into mass production. However, Oppo had filed several patents in the past, which show the work of developers and researchers on multi-fold devices.

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