Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, will have a titanium frame

Igeekphone July 31 news, long-term attention to Samsung mobile phone informant Ice universe (domestic account is i ice universe) yesterday tweeted, suggesting that Samsung’s next generation flagship mobile phone Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to use titanium alloy frame.

At first, he just released a periodic table of the elements, and the caption “22” (note: titanium in the periodic table atomic number 22).

In the comments section, netizens further asked “Is it related to the S24 Ultra?” Are we going to use a titanium frame?” ice universe gave a non-negative answer.

As for Weibo, i ice Universe also released corresponding revelations: “Lu titanium, finally in S24 Ultra a little radical.” (Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung’s mobile business, homophony).

Igeekphone previously reported that Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will launch a titanium alloy version, and technology blogger URedditor also exposed the real picture.

If the above news is true, it means that Apple and Samsung will use titanium alloy bezels on the next generation of flagship models after smart watches. Compared with stainless steel or aluminum alloy borders, although titanium alloy borders are not superior in weight, they have a higher strength-weight ratio. Of course, it should be noted that the cost of titanium alloy is nearly 10 times that of aluminum alloy, so it is possible that Samsung will only test the waters on the Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship model.

According to foreign media sanmobile reported that Samsung is likely to use “Armor Aluminum” body design in the Galaxy S24 product sequence, and introduce titanium alloy bezel in the subsequent flagship models.

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