Samsung will Release New Generation of Folable Phone, Better than Mate X2

Huawei recently introduced the next-generation foldable phone Mate X2, which uses a number of innovative designs to maximize the usability of foldable phones, leaving the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold far behind.

But Samsung, the world’s top screen manufacturer, has also been working on new technology for folding screens. According to the latest leaks, Samsung will launch a phone with a double folding screen before the end of this year, leading the world.

According to a source, the two-foldable phone will have a screen ratio closer to the traditional 16:9 or 18:9 for a more consistent display.

From the exposed rendering, it can be seen that this double folding screen phone will adopt the Z-folding way. This design makes this phone only need one screen, and part of the screen left on the outside after folding can naturally replace the previous secondary screen, which is more practical.

The “Z” shape also matches the height of Samsung’s Galaxy “Z” Fold.

Notably, the source also said that Samsung is currently looking internally to replace the Note with a more differentiated Galaxy S phone, which would generate greater profit margins.

A source close to Samsung said: “The decision to end the Note series was made last year, and Samsung wanted to bet more on foldable phones that were much more expensive and had more distinctive designs.”
The news also confirms that the Galaxy Note series is about to be cancelled, although Samsung has repeatedly denied it, but the S series and foldable series did make a big impact on the Galaxy Note series.

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Now that the Note has lost its original purpose as an oversized screen, it is only a matter of time before it is cancelled, which is a shame.

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