Samsung Suddenly Launches Galaxy S10 Ultimate Edition


Unexpected releases are one thing. Extremely unexpected releases are an even unprecedented thing. But, the recent Samsung’s release has shocked everyone.

In recent news, Samsung just confirmed its release of the 5G version of its flagship Galaxy S10. In a sooner-than-expected release, Samsung told that the phone will be available for general public latest by 5th April, 2019. The phone is labeled as ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultimate Edition’. This shocking release has come just after a month of the standard editions’ releases. In addition, the Galaxy S10 Ultimate Edition delivers key upgrades at a significantly lower price than expected.


The flagship’s display has increased to a gigantic 6.7-inches (bigger than the 6.4-inch display on Galaxy S10 Plus), comprises of next-generation storage and RAM delivering twice the performance with less battery consumption. To top it off, the phone comes with an improved battery with a massive backup of 4500 mAh (Galaxy S10 Plus – 4100 mAh, Galaxy S10 – 3500 mAh).

Just when the users thought Samsung couldn’t provide any more potential camera upgrades, Samsung baffled them, yet again. The Galaxy S10 5G takes better photos. The flagship has a set of four rear cameras, with the fourth rear camera producing better low light shots, faster autofocus and much-improved depth perception.

This is surely a challenging introduction to Apple’s iPhone 11.