Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition Spotted on Company Website

We’ve seen quite a few rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 lately and now here’s one more. The follow up to the Tab S7, which was released in August last year may drop earlier in 2021. Samsung Ireland’s website already has a Support Page for the Galaxy Tab S8 up.

According to the page, the device is called Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition and it supports microSD cards up to 1 TB in capacity and also has a nano SIM Card. It’s odd to see a Tab S8 popping up, especially since the list doesn’t include a Galaxy Tab S7 Enterprise edition, so it could be a mistake. Usually a Samsung Enterprise Edition product is sold through partners via distribution channels, but customers can also get them for their small businesses.

The difference from a regular version is the extended, 4 year security update schedule, plus one year of Samsung Knox. You also get enhanced support and protection, but all of those come with a slightly bumped up cost. Back to the Tab S8, previous leaks and reports confirmed it would be launched in H2 2021, together with a Tab S8+. Both models are said to keep the same screens, with a 120 Hz refresh rate and the same battery capacities. A Snapdragon 888 CPU should be inside, plus 8 or even 12 GB of RAM, 128 to 512 GB of storage and 25W charging.

Quad speakers and a new stylus are a given.

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