Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S7+ Get New S-Pen Features With Update

Samsung seems to be preparing a major update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets, one that has to do with acoustics and the S-Pen. The upcoming update will improve the S-Pen experience and also the tandem use of the Galaxy Buds Pro with the Android slates.

The update will let you enter handwritten text in apps that usually rely on keyboard input. As an example, you can write an URL in the web browser and also a query in the search field, while the software will convert that to digital text. Samsung Notes also gets an upgrade, converting the hand writing to digital text with the “Pen to Text” option. It now supports over 80 languages and even recognizes punctuation. There are also gestures that will let you fix mistakes, like drawing a “V”, which inserts a space between letters and drawing a semicircle will connect separate words.

The Pen to Text app will be added in late February to both tablets, as part of an update that will come to all major markets. Other aspects of the update include the ability of Samsung Notes to scan and edit documents by taking a photo with the tablet’s camera. The Tab S7 and its bigger brother will also get support for 360 Audio via Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, a feature which tracks your head movements and adjusts the direction of the sound for a more immersive listening experience.

Recently, the Tab S7 series received One UI 3.1 and Android 11, bringing features like Second Screen and Continue. Once you get the above mentioned update, you can find the new S Pen to Text feature in Settings/S Pen/ Advanced Features.

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