Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Unveiled Using New Low-Power OLED Screen

Samsung display will launch a new type of OLED for low-power smartphones in 2021, the company announced today.

At present, Samsung display has successfully realized the commercialization of new organic materials. Compared to previous OLEDs, it significantly improves the luminous efficiency, reducing power consumption by more than 16% when used in smartphones. The new OLED has been used for the first time in Samsung Electronics’ recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra flagship smartphone.

OLED uses organic light-emitting materials to express color. In the absence of a backlight, organic materials glow when electrified. Therefore, the luminescence efficiency of organic materials can greatly affect the color gamut, brightness, HDR, outdoor visibility and power consumption of the display.

Samsung shows that by developing new organic materials, it can increase the speed at which electrons move through the organic material layer, thus greatly improving the luminous efficiency. This means that the new material can use less energy while emitting brighter light. It could help boost smartphone battery life in a 5G era that will increase video viewing time.

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The display screen is an important component that affects the battery life of smart phones. By reducing the power consumption of the display screen, the battery life of smart phones can be improved.

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