Samsung Galaxy Fold could finally arrive in July


Earlier this year, in the wake of the release of first-ever foldable smartphones, Samsung couldn’t really participate. Due to some display issues, the company’s Galaxy Fold had to face a delay instead of its April 26 launch. As a result, the company worked tirelessly to resolve the issues and reinstate its reputation in the smartphone industry.

According to sources, Samsung has worked to resolve the problems that have occurred. The manufacturer has made the necessary changes living up to its name. However, the company has yet to confirm when it will release the first foldable smartphone in the world.

foldDue to the non-availability of the smartphone in June, Samsung and Best Buy had to cancel all pre-orders. However, a new report from South Korea commented by DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung mobile, suggests that the company will finally release the Galaxy Fold in July.

foldSamsung’s Official Galaxy Fold Announcement still due

Samsung should also hold a press event later this month to describes in detail the changes made to the Galaxy Fold before distributing the device.

According to experts, Samsung may have been in too much of a hurry to beat Huawei. The introduction of a foldable smartphone with no problems was indeed a difficult milestone to achieve. However, with the on-going US-China trade war, Samsung may take extra time to perfect the software. The company should be certain that the Galaxy Fold will no longer run into problems once it reaches the market.


Galaxy Fold – Game of Thrones Edition

It is worth to mention that despite the fact that Samsung is yet to release the Galaxy Fold after a problematic first attempt, the Russian company Caviar has already made a custom variantĀ of the foldable smartphone. While the Samsung Galaxy Fold is an exotic device by nature, Caviar decided to go even further with a new modded version of the handset inspired by the popular TV series Game of Thrones.