Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Series Will Be Released on December 15

On the 15th of this month, Samsung Electronics is set to launch the Galaxy Book 4 series of notebook computers, featuring Intel’s next-generation processor, Core Ultra. This release marks the debut of the first AI notebook.

Reports indicate that the Galaxy Book 4 will hit the market one and a half months earlier compared to the previous generation product, the Galaxy Book 3 series notebooks, which were released in early February this year. The decision to launch earlier is driven by Samsung’s intent to emphasize the symbolic significance of this new product as the “first AI notebook.”

The Galaxy Book 4 is anticipated to come equipped with Samsung’s self-developed AI large model, “Samsung Gauss.” Notably, this device eliminates the need to transmit collected information to a central server, signifying that the notebook’s built-in “Gauss” will support local operation.

The Core Ultra series processor integrated into this notebook introduces a neural network processing unit (NPU) in the system-on-chip for the first time. This advancement allows the computer to handle multiple AI computing tasks without relying on a network connection. Additionally, reports suggest that LG Electronics and HP are also gearing up to launch AI notebooks featuring Core Ultra processors and are currently assessing the optimal timing for their releases.

Foreign media, Windows Report, previously unveiled the appearance of the Galaxy Book 4 series notebooks, along with leaked details regarding the relevant models and parameters.

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