Robinhood’s IPO roadshow answered questions I wasn’t asking

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

“What’s your favorite planet?” is a real question that Robinhood execs really picked to answer during the Q&A section of its retail investor roadshow.

“Definitely Pluto,” says long-haired CEO Vlad Tenev. He is having a good time. He goes on to explain that there will be a great view of Venus tonight after sunset.

Many of the questions the management picked have been lackluster; asked if Robinhood will add a customer support line, Tenev cheerily explains there already is one. Another question is wasted on whether the stock will pay dividends — anyone who read the prospectus knows the answer is no.

I am watching this roadshow — my first, and the first, I suspect, of many who are watching — because Robinhood plans to sell…

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