The European Union (EU) diminished the probability of a ban on Huawei which was circulating in the media since Tuesday. EU made it clear that there was no need for its member countries to ban Huawei from their wireless networks. Earlier, the United States of America claimed that China plans on using the company’s wireless technologies for an implicit intelligence breach.

The EU has developed a proposal containing a set of cybersecurity guidelines. EU plans to advise member states to adopt the guidelines for further coordination on their wireless networks. The proposal gives the countries the liberty to decide whether to ban Huawei.


US wants Huawei out of the picture

United States has continued its struggle to get Huawei banned by forcing its allies to reject Huawei. According to them, the company’s ties close ties with the Chinese government are testament to China’s malicious spying plans.

On the contrary, Huawei has continually denied every accusation regarding its agreement with the Chinese government to share information. The company believes that its technology is secure enough for countries to use it without any possibility of a security breach.

Furthermore, according to majority European telecommunication providers, the banning of Huawei and its technologies will prove as a major setback in the introduction of 5G networks in the continent.