The regression of the smartphone market will change 2017

More smartphones will be sold.. Here’s why..

There was a new survey proving that this year more people will buy a new smartphone. 54% of the people polled said that they will buy a new smartphone this year, this is 6% more than in 2016, according to Accenture. In 2016, the smartphone market  took a big hit and slowed down alot. But the increased consumer interest in smartphones and mobile content, according to Accenture, is based largely on the Chinese market. In china 3 out of 4 people said that they are going to buy a new smartphone in 2017, thats 14% more than in 2016.

In 2017 alot of great smartphones will be released and also we will see a huge pricedrop, which attracts new consumers around the world.2014 there was a boom in the online-smartphone-market online and the result of the survey was 52%. 2016 when the online-smartphone market collapsed, the survey showed 48%, and now we have again 54% for 2017 which let’s us guess that there will be more smartphones sold this year.The findings, based on an online survey of 26,000 consumers in 26 countries, are potentially good news for major smartphone makers, which have been struggling to maintain the rapid growth of previous years. Samsung’s and Apple’s smartphone shipments dropped in the third quarter of 2016 by 13,5% and 5,3%, according to the latest IDC report.

Source : Accenture-PoV-Dynamic-Consumers

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are growing alot. Especially OPPO and VIVO, which produce low- and mid-budget smartphones, are now sykrocketing. Even though Samsung and Apple are currently controlling the smartphone market, the chinese brands like OPPO, VIVO and Huawei have together 22% global market share according to the latest IDC Report. For sure this increased demand on smartphones will be a small boost for Samsung and Apple, but also the chinese brands will be pushed alot. Cheap smartphones have become increasingly more popular over the years and budget smartphones are the reason why OPPO and VIVO grow so fast. Accenture’s survey doesn’t state why there’s an increased demand for smartphones in China, buy they named the growth of artificial intelligence technologies in smartphones as a possible reason for the growth.

Source : Accenture-PoV-Dynamic-Consumers.pdf

The A.I technology improved alot in the last years and google and apple have built mobile phone powered digital assistants like Siri and Google’s Assistant that use A.I. techniques to recognize the human voice, answer people’s questions and learn by itself. Around 55% of the polled chinese people said that they currently use voice operation on their smartphone, compared to 46% in the U.S which shows us that voice operation is currently more popular in china. 51% said that new features are a reason why they will buy a new smartphone, I personally think that dual cameras will be a huge thing in 2017, because a better smartphone camera is one of the main reasons why people upgrade. Improved functionality is also something very important but most people are more interested in new features. Also I’m personally very exited about the project tango and AR in smartphones, but we will see if this is going to happen in 2017 for the mainstream consumer. Anyway we are very interested in the first quarter analysis of the smartphone market in 2017. Stay tuned for our article.