RedmiBook Pro Laptop Screen, Keyboard All Upgrade Said by Pan Jiutang

It has been previously reported that Redmi will release a new laptop called the RedMiBook Pro in the near future.

Recently, Redmi officials have been warming up for the new product several times, and have revealed in the promotional documents that the new product will have a new screen and keyboard upgrades.

Last night, Pan Jiutang, the partner of the industry investment department of Xiaomi, posted: “Because of the recent crazy black laptop department’s classmates, they forced me to try the latest RedmiBook Pro, I have to endure the inner reluctance to change, comfortable keyboard and display effect, let me obsessed with the feeling of typing, really sweet, can not help but add a little more class. How important it is to have a powerful production tool.”

From Pan Jiutang’s experience report, it is not difficult to find that the RedmiBook Pro will feature the display effect of the screen and the feel of the keyboard.

According to a previous release, Redmibook Pro also brings back the same camera configuration as the front camera, and the poster shows that it is expected to have a phone-screen hole-out design, with the front camera positioned at the top of the screen in a central position.

This is also the first time that a hole-out screen has been implemented on a laptop, bringing a higher screen ratio and a more impressive overall visual effect.

As for the keyboard, the RedMiBook Pro will come with a full-size keyboard and, for the first time, will have a backlit keyboard that will allow seamless user experience in a variety of conditions. It is also expected to support three-shift brightness adjustments.

In terms of appearance, RedmiBook Pro also abandoned the previous ancestral mold, and will introduce a new integrated body with a frosted surface design, which not only looks full of texture, but also provides a very good hand feel.

In terms of configuration, RedMiBook Pro will be equipped with Intel’s latest 11-generation Core H35 processor, using 4-core 8-thread scheme, the highest core frequency up to 5.0GHz, compared with the previous generation of more than 40%, can bring very strong performance experience.

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The RedMiBook Pro is expected to be released on February 25th along with the Redmi K40, so stay tuned.

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