Redmi Note 9 5G Series Released: 100% Improved, Starting From $199.99

Redmi held a new product launch conference to release the Note 9 series of Three Musketeers, including Note 9 4G, Note 9, and Redmi Note 9 5G Pro.  Next, let’s introduce the Note 9, which is officially called ” may be a new generation of thousand yuan magic machine”, “maybe the most powerful mobile phone at the same price”, and “maybe the longest 5G mobile phone”.

In terms of appearance, Redmi Note 9 uses a fully curved one-piece body design with 3 color combinations. Among them, Liuying Purple and Qingshan adopt the AG process, and the different textures of highlight and matte are integrated on the surface of the fuselage, which is very textured. Cloud ink gray is designed with a bird feather pattern, and diagonal textures in different directions are interlaced, which is non-slip and wear-resistant.

Redmi Note 9 uses a 6.53-inch FHD+ screen with a full-screen design. It supports ultra-dark night light screen technology, which can display as low as 1nit brightness, which effectively reduces the screen’s irritation to the eyes in low light environments, making it more comfortable to watch at night.

Redmi Note 9 is equipped with Dimensity 800U 5G processor, and Antutu has a running score of over 340,000. Compared with the previous generation Redmi Note 8, the performance is improved by 100%, and it is outstanding in products at the same price.

Dimensity 800U adopts a 7nm flagship process. The CPU part uses 2 large A76 cores and 6 A55 performance cores to balance performance and power consumption. The integrated 5G baseband design not only supports NSA/SA 5G dual-mode but also supports dual sim card 5G standby at the same time. Compared with the previous generation of 5G+4G, it has realized dual 5G simultaneous network stationing.

In terms of storage, Redmi Note 9 first released UFS 2.2 high-speed flash memory, supporting WriteTurbo, and the sequential write speed can reach 500+MB/s, which is twice the speed compared to the commonly used UFS2.1 at the same price. At the same time, under HPB and Mi Turbo technology, it effectively reduces the lag by 45%, providing a smooth experience without lag for 24 months.

Redmi Note 9 uses a three-camera combination of 48MP ultra-clear + 8MP ultra-wide + 2MP macro. The main camera is the upgraded Samsung GM1st image sensor, which focuses on improving the focus accuracy compared to the GM1.

It has a 1/2-inch photosensitive area, a single-pixel size of 0.8um, and the pixel four-in-one technology can synthesize 1.6um large pixels, effectively improving the image quality in low-light environments. It can also output 48 million high-pixel photos without fear of post-processing and cropping.

Redmi Note 9 has a built-in 5000mAh high-capacity battery that supports 18W fast charging. Supports 5G Ultra Save energy-saving management, which can intelligently adjust bandwidth and modem operating frequency according to the actual traffic demand of the mobile phone and network conditions, and even automatically switch the activation and sleep states to achieve the dynamic adjustment of power consumption.

Redmi Note 9 is equipped with dual stereo speakers that are rare at the same price. The combination of the two-in-one super-linear speaker on the upper earpiece and the super-linear speaker on the bottom can not only increase the loudness of the loudspeaker volume but also enhance the sense of space.

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In terms of price, Redmi Note 9 5G 6+128GB version is 1299 yuan, the 8+128GB version is 1499 yuan, and the 8+256GB version is 1699 yuan.

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