Redmi K70E AnTutu run points exceeded 1.52 million Lu Weibing: invincible in the same gear

Igeekphone news on November 21, according to Redmi official micro message, Redmi’s new flagship K70E launched Mediatek Dimensity 8300-Ultra chip, and Antutu’s comprehensive score exceeded 1.52 million.

Xiaomi Group Lu Weibing pointed out that Redmi and Mediatek jointly built Dimensity 8300-Ultra, a word summary is that the CPU is strong, GPU is stronger, APU invincible, this 8300-Ultra once again pulled up the height of the flagship threshold, K70E will be a new generation of flagship welding door.

It is reported that the Dimensity 8300-Ultra is based on TSMC’s second-generation 4nm process to build, the CPU part contains 4 Cortex-A715 performance core and 4 Cortex-A510 energy efficiency core, the CPU frequency is up to 3.35GHz, integrated 6-core GPU Mali-G615.

At the same time, Tianguet 8300 is the first in its class to support generative AI, and supports up to 10 billion parameter AI large language models.

This chip integrates the MediaTek AI processor APU 780, equipped with generative AI engine, integer arithmetic and floating point arithmetic performance is twice that of the previous generation.

It supports Transformer operator acceleration and mixed-precision INT4 quantization technology, and the overall AI performance is 3.3 times that of the previous generation, which can smoothly run innovative applications of terminal side generative AI.

In addition to carrying the Dimensity 8300-Ultra, the Redmi K70E is also pre-installed with the Xiaomi Surging OS system,

Lu Weibing said that by deeply defining Dimensity 8300-Ultra with Mediatek, going deep into the Xiaomi Surging OS kernel, and enabling Fury Engine 3.0 through the AI subsystem, we have achieved a three-layer comprehensive penetration, and under the deep integration of soft and hard, our K70E performance has made an unprecedented breakthrough.

The performance of Redmi K70E will not have rivals for a long time to come, and it is completely invincible in the same file.

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