Redmi K60 Ultra Final Design Revealed: Confirmed By Lu Weibing

Social media platforms have revealed renderings of the Redmi K60 Ultra, the pinnacle of the K60 series spearheaded by Lu Weibing. Based on the latest leaked information, there is no doubt that the industrial design of the K60 Ultra is remarkable.

The rear camera module features a square arrangement with three cameras, including a primary camera and a super wide-angle lens, positioned symmetrically above and below each other. The camera openings are of equal size, while the flash and sub-camera are on the right side.

Compared to its counterparts, the K60 and K60 Pro, the K60 Ultra boasts a 1.5K center-mounted hole-digging straight screen. By eliminating the plastic bracket, the device achieves narrower bezels, a reduced chin, and a higher screen-to-body ratio. These improvements enhance the visual experience and provide a more immersive feel.

The Redmi K60 Ultra’s return to the MediaTek Dimensity platform is a significant highlight. Powered by the robust MediaTek 9200+ chip, renowned for its exceptional 5G signal density, this device operates on TSMC’s cutting-edge 4nm process. With clock speeds of up to 3.0 GHz, the A510 energy consumption core is restrained to 2.0 GHz, resulting in a 10% boost in performance for the primary body and an 11% increase in efficiency for the energy consumption core.

Moreover, the Dimensity 9200+ chip integrates a 5G R16 modem, supporting 4CC four-carrier aggregation and Wi-Fi 7 four-way dual-band concurrency. These advancements deliver higher data transmission rates and reduced gaming latency, ensuring a seamless online experience.

The Dimensity 9200+ chip also houses the HyperEngine 6.0 game engine, empowering the Redmi K60 Ultra with game adaptive control technology, hardware ray tracing capabilities, high and stable frame rates, and enhanced loading capacities.

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