Redmi K60 Extreme Edition will be the first to upgrade to MIUI 15

igeekphone August 3 news, Redmi has just officially announced the Redmi K60 supreme version, will be equipped with Tianguet 9200+ and a single display chip X7, the performance is very strong.

It is worth noting that in view of the problems that Xiaomi’s Tianguet chip has attracted the attention of users in the past, Redmi also gave a commitment this time: the first major update of K60 Supreme upgrade will be the first to push MIUI 15.

In other words, although this is the flagship of Tianguet, but the system adaptation will not lag behind Snapdragon products, users can use the new system and new features for the first time.

Previously, on MIUI 14, the most important upgrade is Millet’s self-developed photon engine, which can increase the fluency of the three parties by up to 88%, while also saving more power, and the system fluency has been greatly improved, which is highly praised.

It is expected that on MIUI 15, this function will be further improved to improve the fluency and speed of the system.

In addition, MIUI 15 will only support 64-bit applications, no longer support 32-bit, which will also make the phone in terms of performance, power consumption and other aspects of greater improvement, worth looking forward to.

According to the news, this MIUI also finally brought about the appearance of improvements, the introduction of Google’s strongly promoted Material You design language, bring personalized user interface, Settings to allow users to adjust their own ICONS and so on.

At the same time, the built-in icon will also be significantly changed, using a rounded rectangle shape with a large arc, in line with the new Xiaomi logo created by Japanese design master Kenya Hara.

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