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Redmi K50 Series Phones Will Be Released in August

I believe that many small partners bought Redmi K40 series phones during the 618 promotion period. I did not expect that this time Redmi K and 40 series phones have not been warmed up, and Redmi K50 series phones are coming. According to past practices, the Redmi K50 series phones should not be released until February 2022 at the earliest, but this time the small partners who bought the Redmi K40 may be disappointed because the Redmi K50 series phones are very It may be released in advance.

Xiaofang said this is not groundless. On June 21st, Lu Weibing began to warm up the Redmi K50 mobile phone on his Weibo. Xiaofang vaguely remembers that the last time Lu Weibing made similar publicity for the Redmi K40 series phones, the Redmi K40 series phones were released two months later. So does it mean that Lu Weibing warms up the Redmi K50 series, and RedmiK50 series phones will be released in August and September? I think this is also possible.

So how about the configuration of RedmiK50 series phones? According to Xiaofang’s current situation, this time the Redmi K50 series will make a big improvement in fast charging, camera, and screen compared to the next-generation Redmi K40 series. It needs to be emphasized that the biggest shortcoming of the previous generation of Redmi K40 series phones is the fast charging and camera capabilities. If the RedmiK50 series phones can make improvements in the two aspects of fast charging and camera capabilities, then Xiaomi believes that the Redmi K50 series phones will be more perfect.

The most important thing is that the price/performance ratio of RedmiK50 series phones will definitely be very high. Those who like Redmi K series phones can pay attention to some related information about Redmi K50 series phones in the later period. Xiaofang will also be the first. Time to update everyone.

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