Redmi K40 Pro is Equipped With Dual Speakers: Much better Than K30 Series

The vice president of Xiaomi Group, the president of China, and the general manager of Redmi Redmi brand began to prepare for the pre-heating promotion for the new generation of Redmi flagship series K40 series. For example, his Weibo little tail has been set Change to K40Android. He also stated that the Redmi brand will continue to make products for young people in 2021.

According to Weibo blogger on the evening of January 16, the Redmi K40 series is equipped with dual speakers, which is a lot better than the previous generation. Dual speakers have gradually become standard for more and more new mobile phones. The Redmi Note 9 Pro released by Xiaomi has been equipped with upper and lower super linear speakers.

Lu Weibing posted on Weibo on January 11 that the Redmi K40 series will be released next month. The price starts at 2999 yuan and may use the “most expensive straight screen”. The battery capacity is definitely greater than 4000mAh, and the screen will use The same Samsung E4 luminous material for Xiaomi Mi 11.

Previously, Lu Weibing revealed that the K40 series’ goal this time is to be the “best direct-screen” flagship. It will use the same Samsung E4 luminescent material as the Xiaomi Mi 11, which can bring higher brightness, contrast, and more power consumption. low.

With this technology, Xiaomi Mi 11 received a DisplayMate A+ rating, breaking 13 records.

Based on currently known information, the K40 series will still launch two models, including Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro, each equipped with different hardware configurations.

Among them, the K40 Pro is the flagship model, equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor, while the Redmi K40 standard version focuses on the mid-range market and is equipped with a new generation of MediaTek 5G processor.

It is worth noting that the news that the RedmiK40 will be equipped with MediaTek’s new processor is very interesting. It is built with a 6nm process and adopts the latest ARM Cortex A78 architecture. It is composed of four Cortex A78 + four Cortex A55, and the GPU is Mali. -G77.

The chip’s score on the Antutu platform exceeded 620,000 points, which has surpassed last year’s Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon 865 chip.

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According to previously exposed news, the new Redmi K40 series will use a centred hole-drilled straight screen display, support a 120Hz refresh rate, and be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 flagship platform. It is likely to use a 100 Megapixel lens.

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