Redmi K40 Lost DC Dimming Said by Zhang Guoquan

On February 25th, REDMI brand officially launched its annual flagship REDMI K40 series, which is equipped with the top excellent configuration in the industry. The starting price is only 1999 yuan, which is highly competitive. It is still hard to find a phone when it is listed.

This phone not only has a strong core performance, but also equipped with Samsung’s latest generation of E4 material center hole straight screen, supporting 120Hz refresh rate, all parameters are higher than competing products, the official said it may be the best straight screen this year.

But the Redmi K40’s screen has one big regret: it doesn’t support DC dimming.

Previously, Zhang Guoquan, director of the System Software Department of Xiaomi, said publicly on Weibo that it would bring DC dimming function to REDMI K40 through OTA upgrade, which made many users look forward to it very much.

However, when Zhang Guoquan answers user questions on Weibo today, he reveals that the DC dimming effect of Redmi K40 series is not acceptable. Users who like to mess around can experience it through the development board, but it is confirmed that it will not be updated in the stable version.

Using OLED screen mainstream mobile brightness to reduce to A certain degree, will automatically switch to A low frequency PWM dimming, need to rely on alternately on and off of the screen to adjust the brightness, but is more sensitive to some eyes of the user guide, causing serious eye fatigue, it is commonly said this is a screen spicy eyes one of the important reasons.

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As a result, many manufacturers use DC dimming to reduce eye damage, which can increase or decrease the power of the circuit to change the brightness of the screen, effectively reducing the stroboscope.

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