Reddit expanded the r/Place canvas, and users immediately wrote messages cursing the CEO

A screenshot of r/Place.
Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Reddit added more space to the r/Place collaborative canvas on Friday, giving users additional room to collaboratively draw pixelated art. Almost immediately after the space was added, users started to write in their protests against the site and CEO Steve Huffman.

The expanded canvas now stretches further to the right. When I first wrote this, there was a massive land grab taking place, including a spot memorializing the YouTuber Technoblade, the continuation of the German flag at the top of the canvas, a vertical French flag on the right side, and many iterations of the phrase “fuck spez,” a reference to Huffman’s username.

Now, more than three hours later, those “fuck spez” messages have been covered up. Outside of a a message from a…

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