Red Magic Smart Watch Real Image Leaked Like Huawei Watch

Nowadays, the field of smart wearable devices is very busy, and various mobile phone manufacturers have shown their “unique skills” to launch a variety of smart watches, smart bracelets and other smart wearable devices.

The Red Magic, a mobile phone specializing in e-sports games, is also about to launch its first smartwatch.

Not long ago, Ni Fei, president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. revealed through Weibo that at the new product release conference on March 4, in addition to bringing the new flagship model of Tencent Red Magic gaming phone 6, it will also release a new smart product — Red Magic watch.

The watch will have a 1.39-inch, 454-resolution AMOLED display and support 24/7 resting display, officials said.

At the same time, Ni said the watch looks good and the interactive operation experience is excellent.

It is worth mentioning that the exposure of a suspected Red Magic watch on the real hand, caused heated discussion.

As you can see from the figure, the Red magic watch comes with a circular dial, the right side of the fuselage with two entity keys.

The overall color matching is mainly black with red embellishment, full of sense of science and technology.

In addition, the watch screen outer ring using oblique cut design, with a calibration ring, so that it has a high degree of identification.

In response, some netizens said that the appearance seems a bit like Huawei Watch GT2 smartwatch.

Although more parameter information has not been released by the authorities yet, considering the current smartwatch functions, Red magic watch will likely support common functions such as blood oxygen detection and heart rate monitoring.

It is reported that the new generation of Tencent Red magic 6 game mobile phone will be available in Red magic 6 and Red magic 6 Pro two configurations.

It comes with a Snapdragon 888 chip and 8GB of RAM to run the Android 11 operating system.

As a mobile phone of electronic sports games, the heat dissipation ability has naturally become one of the key configurations.

From the official preheating information, the phone adopts air-cooled + liquid-cooled dual heat dissipation design, built-in high-speed centrifugal fan, comparable to F1 racing engine speed.

Increasing the air heat transfer coefficient by 500% can reduce the CPU core temperature by 16 degrees.

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Believe by virtue of outstanding cooling ability and Snapdragon 888 strong core, Tencent red magic phone 6 will be having good performance in the game.

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