Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone will Come with RAM Boost Technology

This period of time, not only the traditional Snapdragon 888 flagship in succession to meet with you, with black shark, Asus, Nubia brands such as represented by the famous game mobile phone manufacturer has started for carrying Snapdragon 888 processor as a new generation of mobile phone games preheating, which includes new tencent Red Magic gaming mobile phone 6 series. According to the previous official announcement, the phone will be officially released on March 4, offering two versions of Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro, and it will support 120W flash charge. Now there is the latest news, after part of the hardware configuration, recently Nubia President Ni Fei further brought the phone system level upgrade.

According to the latest information released by Ni Fei, basically consistent with the previously exposed news, the new Tencent Red Magic game mobile phone 6 series will be equipped with a new memory virtual rapid expansion technology RAM Boost, so that 12GB memory is as if 18GB memory use. Not only that, but then NiFei further postings, said tencent red magic game phone 6 will pick up the red magic Arc Reactor performance engine that has a patented technology of fast storage, speaking, reading and writing Magic Write 2.0, combined with tencent Solar Core game engine on CPU and GPU scheduling, memory, intelligence, let the game cold start loading, station into the office and click on the average response time is shortened greatly.

In other aspects, according to the previous exposure of the news, the new Red Magic 6 game mobile phone will use ultra-high brush OLED all-around screen, supporting the industry’s highest 165Hz screen refresh rate and single finger 500Hz, multi-finger 360Hz ultra-high screen touch sampling rate. It is equipped with Snapdragon 888 flagship processor and newly upgraded air-cooled cooling system, the built-in high-speed centrifugal fan can reach a maximum speed of 20,000 RPM, which is comparable to the engine speed of F1 racing cars. Built-in 4500mAh battery, support 120W flash charge,  it will come with a standard 120W gallium nitride charger, and can charge 50% in five minutes. In addition, the phone will be equipped with standard standard 400Hz double game shoulder keys.

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It is reported that the new Nubia Red Magic 6 esports phone will be released on March 4, and in addition to the new flagship phone, the Red Magic will also bring the first smartwatch product, which is the brand’s first foray into the smart wearable space. We’ll see more details.

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