Red Magic 6 Dual-Core Cooling Back Clip Appeared: Dual-Fan Design is Like a Refrigerator

The new generation of gaming phone-Tencent the Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone, will be released on March 4, and the news of the new phone is also waved after wave.

Yesterday, the Red Devils officially leaked the news about the superheat dissipation of Tencent Red Devils 6. The Red Devils 6 will have a built-in fan. It may be the industry’s first Snapdragon 888 flagship gaming phone with a built-in fan.

Nubia President Ni Fei revealed that the Red Magic 6 has the industry’s strongest flagship cooling system. With the blessing of the air-cooled + liquid-cooled dual cooling system, it can play the full blood performance of Snapdragon 888 and play Peace Elite for more than 2 hours. It feels just warm.

It is understood that the Red Magic 6 has increased the fan blades to 59, and the maximum speed at the end of the blade reaches 14m/s (comparable to the 7-level wind speed). With the new canyon air duct design of the North-South Tongtong Gorge, the air heat transfer coefficient is increased by 500%. The CPU core temperature can be reduced by 16°C.

More than that, the Red Devils dual-core cooling back clip is also here, with dual fans and dual semiconductor chip designs, and has a smaller size and larger heat dissipation area.

According to the official, it has dual semiconductors like refrigerators to cool down extremely quickly, and dual fans like air conditioners to dissipate heat. Coupled with the air-cooled + liquid-cooled 7-layer multi-dimensional heat dissipation system of Tencent Red Magic Game Phone 6, the heat dissipation capacity is unprecedented.

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It is worth mentioning that the Red Magic dual-core refrigeration back clip has also added an RGB lighting effect design. It is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, and the lighting effect and wind power gear can be intelligently controlled in the APP.

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