Realme Watch 2 Pro is about to Launch in India Received EEC certification

The code for two Realme smartwatches — RealMe Watch 2 and RealMe Watch 2 Pro — recently appeared in the RealMe Link app, indicating that the Watch will be released soon. Now, there is information that Realme Watch 2 Pro looks like it will be released faster, as it has just been EEC certified and the model name is RMA2006. Based on their FCC listings, we can also learn a few things about the key specs of both watches.

From what is known, Realme Watch 2 series has a square body design, and the Pro version is expected to have a 390mAh battery that supports a 2.5W charge. Other features in both watches may include an AMOLED screen, a heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, a dedicated movement mode and a blood oxygen concentration sensor. However, blood oxygen readings may be a feature exclusive to the pricier Realme Watch 2 Pro.

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Realme Watch 2 and Realme Watch 2 Pro also appeared on Indonesia Telecom’s official certified website earlier this month. The Realme Watch 2 Pro comes in the same model as previously mentioned, while the Realme Watch 2 comes in the RMA2008 model. The presence of both watches on certified websites in multiple regions is a good thing, as it shows Realme is on track to roll them out globally.

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