Realme UI 2.0 Based on Android 11 Released: X50 Pro Series Gets Early

Realme held a new product launch conference online and officially released the new Realme UI 2.0 version. The realme UI 2.0 version is deeply customized based on Android 11 and has corresponding upgrades in design, smoothness, and security.   The first is the design. Realme UI 2.0 supports icon font editing, personalized screen display, etc. Users can customize their favorite screen interface with a high degree of freedom. Among them, the two classic modes of digital clock and dial are retained, and interesting functions such as hand-painted creation, personalized signature, and combination of graphics and text have been added.

And realme UI2.0 brings a multi-level dark mode, specifically, if it is during the day, users can use the strong mode to ensure that the picture is clear and sharp.

At night, users can choose medium and soft modes to avoid excessive contrast, which may cause eye discomfort. Not only that, the realme UI2.0 version has greatly improved the fluency, and the official said that the system response speed has increased by 32%.

It joins the Quantum animation engine, which should have obvious animation effects for frequently used multi-task switching, list sliding, and other parts. It is more realistic in rebounding, and it is biased to real physics when touched. There is logic to follow. Give users more comfortable feedback.

In addition, realme UI2.0 brings Internet stealth + system clone, supports pseudo base station identification, can quickly and accurately identify harassing, fraudulent calls and phishing messages, automatically block pseudo base stations, and automatically intercept a ringing call and empty number, keeping users away Harassment and fraud.

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Finally, the old models are adapted. The first batches are adapted to realme X50 Pro, realme X7 Pro, and realme X2 Pro models. The internal testing has been opened for early adopters, and other models will be adapted in the future.

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