Realme introduces new smartphone with no notches


As the world gets digitally intelligent every year, maintaining a reputation and seizing the market is becoming a tough ask. Several sub-brands of premium companies debuted in the digital world in the recent times but only some are growing. A by-product of OPPO, Realme, is one of the few examples. The company after securing its reputation worldwide will now be expanding its presence in China. We did inform you about its arrival in the Chinese market beforehand. Recently, Realme shared a new teaser on their new Weibo account and it showed a very different product.

Realme’s new product

The video consists of glimpses of a notch-less full-screen smartphone. The strange part is that the phone doesn’t have both a notch and punch hole at the top. This helps us guess that Realme’s new smartphone could be similar to OPPO’s F11 Pro. The deduction is solely based on the reveal of a pop-up selfie camera in the video.

Realme 3 Pro

Realme 3 Pro is Realme’s most recent smartphone. The smartphone features a Snapdragon 710 processor. However, it isn’t clear if this new device will be released globally or it will be sold exclusively in China.


OPPO didn’t sell F11 Pro in China

OPPO’s F11 Pro comes with a 6.5″ Full HD+ display and it runs on a MediaTek P70 processor. For the Realme equivalent, it may use a different hardware configuration underneath to cater to the Chinese market.realme