Realme Appeared of a Variety of New Phone: The Cheapest Snapdragon 870 Model Is Coming

Realme is driving the entire industry with its own vitality, and at the same time attracting more young users to join this big family. At present, realme has officially announced that it will open the 618 Carnival Night on May 24. There will be a variety of new product releases, as well as various discounts and benefits. More importantly, the popular rap musician W8VES will be invited to the scene. Sha Yiting, W8VES Sundae, and “Wonderful Talk” debater Deer are able to help out and guide users to pay attention to this year’s Realme 618 Carnival Night.

Realme’s Snapdragon 870 mobile phone is here?

Since it is a grand carnival, the new products released will become the top priority, and the realme that dares to leapfrog has always been the brand’s tonality, giving users reason to expect that they will release a new cost-effective new product this time. Machine, and what model is it?

Judging from the “insiders” exposed by many netizens on the Internet, realme may release a model equipped with the Snapdragon 870 at this carnival. Although the official has not responded to this matter, it is from the models currently covered by realme. Look, this is indeed possible.

At present, models equipped with Snapdragon 888, Dimensity 1200, and Dimensity 1100 processors have all been released. Realme, which has always “dare to leapfrog”, seems likely to be on the Snapdragon 870 this time. This should be the realme conference. The biggest point of view.

As for the performance of the Snapdragon 870, everyone is familiar with it. Qualcomm’s current CPU performance is second only to the Snapdragon 888. It is built with a 7nm process. The CPU contains an A77 (3.19GHz) super core and three A77 ( 2.42GHz) large core and four A55 (1.8GHz) small cores, so in terms of product positioning, models equipped with this processor are still very competitive in the market, after all, the performance is unambiguous.

Probably the cheapest Snapdragon 870 model

Judging from the details of the exposure, in addition to the Snapdragon 870, this new realme machine is also expected to be equipped with 65W fast charge, 120Hz high refresh screen, and a series of special optimizations on the system. As for the price, it is expected to be 2499. Yuan, if this is true, then the price/performance ratio is definitely daring to leapfrog.

At present, many Snapdragon 870 models of friends on the market are either configured not as high as the above-mentioned rumors, or the configuration is not shrunk, but the price is higher than 2,499 yuan. If this is the case, Realme’s price-performance advantage will be more advanced. Be manifested once.

The performance is not inferior or even stronger than the competition. The fashionable appearance design leads the entire mobile phone circle. What is commendable is that Realme also offers a “make friends” price for the new phone every time, so this time the new Snapdragon 870 I believe they won’t let everyone down because of the price-performance ratio of the machine. Of course, this may also pressure friends and businessmen in advance.

In addition to the Snapdragon 870 model, it is also reported that at this carnival, Realme will launch a new version of the Qianyuan Q3, and it will make adjustments to the configuration, once to use a more extreme price-performance ratio in 618 Prepare for the big promotion.

According to the exposed news, the realme Q3 carnival version chip is downgraded from Dimensity 1100 to Snapdragon 768G, but the flash charge is upgraded to 50W, and other configurations remain unchanged. After this adjustment, I believe that the price will also have a certain discount.

For comparison, the current market price of iQOO Z3 equipped with Snapdragon 768G starts at 1799 yuan, while the realme Q3 carnival version is almost the same in configuration, the price will inevitably be much cheaper than the former, so from this perspective, realme also wants to Use practical actions to defend the title of Qianyuan Jihuang.

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It must be said that the realme Q3 series was officially first sold on April 29. According to realme’s official data, the realme Q3 series sold more than 50,000 units in only half a day, and the full-day sales won the single product champion of, while Suning Tesco, Huantai Mall, and Tmall were also the first double champions that day, which also shows the success of this series and how popular it is by users.

The realme carnival will officially kick off on May 24. In addition to some new phones, I believe that the official also prepares other new products. You can wait and see.

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