Real-life Mario Kart looks amazing from the perspective of a self-flying Skydio drone

Mario Kart in real life is a commonly shared dream, one that doesn’t typically live up to your imagination — but we’re definitely not giving up. Recently, Nintendo launched an official $100 R/C car with mixed-reality tracks and and a full-on AR ride at Japan’s Super Nintendo World.

Now, independent filmmaker Ian Padgham has come up with another must-try idea: riding a lawnmower on a closed course, from the perspective of a self-flying drone.

Image: Ian Padgham

Yes please.

Not that he’s actually playing a game in this awesome video, mind: Padgham just set his Skydio drone to film a normal video of him riding around, and then he added a lot of CG in post. “The footage itself was already pretty stable so I was…

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