QZSD Q666 tripod review – A super light tripod for traveling


If you want to get into photography or videography, one of the most important things you need ist a good tripod. It doesn´t have to be the most expensive, but at least good enough to carry the weight of your camera in order to protect your devices and stay stable for the important shots. For this you don´t always need a Manfrotto tripod as your “pro”-friends tell you. In fact, you can easily find great alternatives, if you are on a budget. Today we´re going to have a look at the QZSD Q666 tripod.

With the QZSD Q666 tripod comes not only the tripod itself, as it would usually be the case, but also a ball head. Both of which have their own bag included and their quality is very good. Only the design with its military look may not be everybody´s taste. In addition, there is a hook, which you can use to attach the tripod to your belt, and a small “pocket”. This pocket you can also attach to your belt to stabilize the tripod in its monopod form on the go, if you need to be more mobile. I´ts really nice, that all this is already included, while many expensive tripods lack most of these extras.

The first thing that stands out is the very compact design. Despite the fact, that it goes up to 158cm in it´s packed form. It is only 35cm high. Without it´s head it weighs 1.16 kg and with it 1,545 kg, which makes it great for traveling, because it is very light.

The build quality is also nice. It´s build of magnesium/aluminium alloy and plastic. After you lock every movable part, it is very stable and looks very durable. Of course it would be even better, if the locks themself would also be made of metal or a higher quality plastic.. The QZSD Q666 tripod is easy to adjust it to any situation like changing height or using it for macro photography by turning around the axis by 180 degrees after taking it out. Instead, you can even use it with one of the tripod legs, which can be screwed of, to build one big monopod. Easy doesn´t mean fast though, since you still need quite some time to set it up and adjust ist.

The ball head is no fluid head, but most of the so called “fluid heads” really aren´t. On it´s Plate, there is not only a 1/4 thread, where most of the cameras can be attached to, but also has a spirit level on top and one on the side. The one on the side can also be used as a knob to unlock the plate if you want to take out the camera quickly. The other knobs are there to adjust the ball head and to position the camera to the angle you need. If you don´t need the head you can easily dismount it and put on another one on the 3/4 thread, that hides under it.

According to the manufacturer the head can carry up to 8 kg of load. Most people won´t ever get to this weight though, so you don´t really have to worry about it. Just keep in mind, that the more weight you have on it ant the higher it is set the more unstable it may become, because it weighs more that the tripod itself. Me personally tend to rather use smaller cameras to be more mobile and with this tripod I can really be.

All in all the QZSD Q666 tripod is a really good tripod with a great build quality and functionality, that comes with many extras for a very low price. You don´t always have to go for super expensive gear to be able to work professionally and can save some money here for more important purchases. If you are interested, you can buy it from Banggood for example, who send us the product for free.

QZSD Q666 15KG Tripod
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