Qualcomm Files Lawsuit Against Meizu in US, Germany and France.

Over the mid year, Qualcomm had asserted that some of Meizu’s handsets encroached on the organization’s licenses, and Qualcomm announced on Friday that they would be filing lawsuits against Meizu in three countries. These countries include France, Germany and the United States. Meizu has not reacted to the claim filings yet.  It’s probable that Meizu won’t report anything until Monday morning in China (that would be Sunday night CET).

Meizu hasn’t been a “well known” Qualcomm buyer, instead they have for the most part utilized MediaTek and Samsung’s Exynos chipsets in their cell phones. Qualcomm,  however claims that they encroach on some of their 3G and 4G licenses. ideally it would be in both companies interests to settle their disputes. It’ll be less expensive for both sides, and much less demanding than paying their legal counselors a huge amounts of cash in the court. It’s somewhat fascinating to see Meizu getting a claim documented in the US, considering they don’t authoritatively offer any of their cell phones  in the US.