Oppo’s New Camera Patent Exposure: Pop-up Double-sided Prism Design

When Oppo officially launched its Find X flagship phone in 2018, it set off a storm of debate in the tech world with its stunning design, which for the first time used a lift-up design to completely hide the front and back of the camera.

Unfortunately, Oppo’s Find X series didn’t carry on with this amazing design, returning to a regular phone design on the Find X2, much to the regret of many fans.

However, Oppo has not given up on innovative design in the fuselage structure.
According to related media reports, Oppo is working on a special camera solution internally and has applied for a patent for the technology.

The design shows a pop-up front-facing camera with a polarizing refractor prism, which allows the pop-up camera to be lower in height and refracts light through the prism at the top to the upward-facing lens, providing a full-screen experience.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO’s new refractive prism can also transfer the direction of the light path, change the refractive path of light through the mechanical structure, realize the effect of free switching before and after the flip of the prism, so that the front and back can share a camera sensor.

Oppo will also use the technology to replicate the Find X’s design, leaving no holes in the front or back, giving it a stunning visual effect and a degree of practicality.

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The patented camera module’s prism also reflects light from the side of the camera, allowing the left and right cameras to capture the image on the side. When capturing a panoramic image, the user only has to turn 180˚ to create a 360° panoramic image.

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