Oppo X 2021 is the Rollable Smartphone We’ve Been Waiting for, Shown as Concept

The big day has come and on November 17th, Oppo went ahead and introduced the next big thing when it comes to foldable phones. I’m talking about the rollable phone, in this case the Oppo X 2021. The idea had been floated before: a device that expands its diagonal with a sliding part that expands the screen estate and now it’s been put into practice.

OK so Oppo’s big event was called Oppo Inno Days 2020 and the Chinese company used the showcasing to unveil the next big thing. The device is a sight to behold, as a simple swipe on the side triggers a motion that expands the screen horizontally. What we’re dealing with here is an OLED rollable screen. It’s all put into motion using a “Roll Motor by Oppo”, which can turn a 6.7 inch display up to a 7.4 incher, making this device a sort of mini tablet.

And it’s all done without having to fold the panel down the middle. There are two motors involved in the mechanism, that apply constant forces, so that the device unwraps in an uniform fashion and the risk of damage in the process is reduced. It also lets you unwrap/ roll the screen as much as needed, unlike most phones, which only give you two use modes. The proprietary Roll Motor powertrain is the secret here, as it makes it all work. The device also integrates a 2 in 1 plate tech, that supports the display and a sliding frame that protects the Roll Motor and other internal components.

Of course this is a concept phone, so we’re quite far from seeing it turned into reality. Seeing how both Xiaomi and LG have also patented similar devices, it’s clear that rollable phones are the future and they may be the next step in the evolution of foldables. We also have a hands on video of the device below and I have to say that initially, the expansion of the diagonal may seem impressive, but you’re not gaining that much of an estate in the end. The future may bring us devices able to double or even triple their size and it’s only then we’ll be truly impressed.

It remains to be seen if the devices will be fragile or not…

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