OPPO wants to introduce a Foldable Smartphone with a Pop-up Camera


After a variety of front-camera design experiments, pop-up cameras got the best rating of them all. As a result, OPPO, the Chinese OEM, is planning to stick to its pop-up camera design. However, the company plans to take it to the next level. According to an OPPO patent, the manufacturer is planning to build foldable smartphones. The type of design that has been extremely problematic for major companies so far.

Galaxy Fold

Let’s bring in the Samsung Galaxy Fold under the microscope. The Korean giant had to withstand a tiring amount of problems before being able to launch it.

OPPO Patent

The new Oppo patent includes a smartphone characterized by a large display which, when folded, is divided into two screens of equal size, one positioned frontally and the other rearward:


Furthermore, there is a retractable camera system. It comprises of two sensors, probably, which is accessible for both normal photos and selfies.

The body consists of two microphones, a 3.5 mm audio input jack, the compartment for the SIM and a volume key.

The Oppo patent confirms that foldable smartphones are a sector in which the various manufacturers have more chances to put their designers’ imagination to the test, something that is less and less the case with “traditional” smartphones.

Galaxy Fold relaunch

It is worth to mention that Samsung had to cancel the launch of its foldable smartphone the Galaxy Fold scheduled for April 26 due to some obvious problems with the display of the device that needed to be repaired.

Samsung has worked to resolve the problems that have occurred and reports suggest that the manufacturer has managed to make the required changes, however, the company has yet to confirm when it will release the first foldable smartphone in the world.

According to sources, the company could be nearing the launch of its premier foldable smartphone this July.