OPPO Reno 9 Pro/Find X6 Pro and OnePlus 11 mobile phones open Android 14 system private test recruitment today

igeekphone August 4 news, this morning, ColorOS upgrade assistant official public number announced, For its OPPO Reno 9 Pro, OPPO Find X6 Pro, One Plus 11 three mobile phone Android 14×ColorOS beta log version user recruitment officially started. The details of the Igeekphone e are as follows:

Application conditions
Like ColorOS, willing to grow with ColorOS;

Is playing machine master, has a wealth of brush machine, testing experience;

Willing to accept the instability, incompatibility and other problems of the test version;

Have enough time to participate in testing and be willing to help official staff locate problems.

Recruitment details
Recruit models: Reno9 Pro, Find X6 Pro, One plus 11

Recruitment time: 2023/8/4-2023/8/5

Audit time: It is expected that the audit will be conducted in batches within 5 working days after the end of recruitment. The audit result is subject to the display on the early adopters application screen

Version push time: The version will be pushed in batches within 3 working days after the review is completed

Application notes
1. In the new upgrade private test, the private test version will be divided into log version and nolog version.

The recruitment version for this private test is log. It is recommended that users choose one of the registration options, and there is no need to participate repeatedly.

Both versions are private test versions, and their operation effect is not as stable as the official version, there are some bugs, the main differences are as follows:

log version: The log capture switch is always turned on by default, which will affect the performance and battery life of the mobile phone to some extent, but will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone. If you encounter problems during the experience of the version, you can go to the feedback toolbox to submit log feedback.

The test period of the private test log version is 4-6 months, and the official version will be pushed after the test, and the public test version will not be pushed in the middle.

The quota limit and requirements of the internal test log version are higher. It is recommended that upgrade explorers with test experience preferentially select the log version.

‎nolog version: The log capture switch is turned off by default, which has no impact on the performance and battery life of the phone. If you encounter any problems when trying the version, you can go to the OPPO community to report the version problems.

‎2, before the upgrade, please be sure to back up important personal data in advance to avoid data loss caused by incompatibility or other circumstances after the upgrade.

‎3. At present, many commonly used third-party applications are not compatible with Android 14, such as “Cloud Flash Payment”, “Sunshine Huilife” and other banking and financial applications. If you often and must use the above third-party applications, it is recommended that you upgrade with caution.

After you upgrade Android 14, third-party applications may fail to work normally (such as flash back, stall, black screen, and power consumption). You are advised to update the application to the latest version in the App Store first.

4, within two days after the upgrade, the system background will carry out a series of adaptation optimization actions, which may lead to the phenomenon of heating, stashing, and fast power consumption of the phone. It is recommended that you turn off the screen after the upgrade and restart the phone after 2 hours of charging, or the phone will recover after normal use for a period of time.

‎5, the private beta version currently has the following known problems, please carefully consider signing up.

‎ The black screen is rare when an incoming call is received when the screen is locked

Fingerprint unlocking probabilistic stall

When some applications are opened on the desktop, the application interface is displayed without transition animation

The task switching probability stalls when downloading files through the multitask background

Wechat has some probabilistic problems that affect the user experience: for example, you can’t swipe left or right when viewing pictures (chat interface or moments); Can not call the input method when leaving a message in the small program; Video call message failed to obtain camera data.

Problem feedback mode
Any problems encountered in the use of the upgrade version can be reported in the feedback toolbox App (you can also enter the App by dialing the keyboard *#800#)

Application method
1, please make sure that your phone version has been upgraded to the basic version (Oneplus 11 model), (OPPO Reno 9 Pro model), (OPPO Find) X6 Pro models). (Version number view method: Settings > About this machine > Version information > Version number)

Note: Partners who are not in the basic version can upgrade to the basic version by “Settings > About this Device > Top Version Information (above” Phone name “) > Detect Updates “, and then apply for the upgrade private test log version.

2, please click “Settings > About this machine > Top version information (above the” phone name “) > Settings button in the upper right corner > Early application > Upgrade private test “, and then apply according to the prompts.

Due to the characteristics of the private test, it is recommended that you fill in the real mobile phone number when signing up. [Did not fill in the real mobile phone number/did not join the beta community] users may appear: no progress in the feedback of the beta test, can not get the beta reward, can not normally receive subsequent versions and other problems, such as because of the above problems caused by [did not fill in the real mobile phone number/did not join the beta group], upgrade test organizers will not be responsible. (Participation can improve the probability of passing the audit)

3. After submitting the application, please wait patiently. The manager will conduct qualification review according to the questionnaire filling after the recruitment.

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