OPPO K7x Will Announce on November 4 to Feature Long Endurance

OPPO announced today that OPPO will launch the new OPPO K7x on November 4.

Officials stress that OPPO K7x has “a lot, a lot, a lot of power” and features a long-lasting battery life.

As a 5G mobile phone, the first important thing for its lasting battery life is to have a large battery capacity. At present, the battery capacity of 5G mobile phone generally exceeds 4000mAh, some of which even reach 5000 and 6000mAh.

OPPO K7x battery capacity is expected to exceed 4000mAh, and the possibility of above 4500 mah or 5000mAh is not ruled out.

In addition to large capacity batteries, system optimization intelligent power saving is also an essential part.

OPPO K7x will be equipped with ColorOS. On ColorOS, OPPO has developed Smart 5G technology for 5G phones.

The system will intelligently judge the current 5G network environment and adjust the resident strategy without affecting users’ 5G network experience, so as to enable users to use THE 5G network more intelligently. Meanwhile, ColorOS will allocate the battery of the mobile phone reasonably and ensure that the battery is used where it is most needed. In this way, the battery life of the mobile phone can be effectively improved.

In addition, ColorOS has smarter power management. The user can turn on the power saving button in the Settings – battery, and the system will automatically help the user deal with the problem of high power consumption of the current system.

In addition to battery and system optimization, performance is also a point that cannot be ignored.

In terms of naming and positioning, OPPO K7x is a mid-range model, which is expected to run qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series 5G chips, as well as Mediatek Paget 800 or Paget 700 series mid-range chips.

Details will be announced on November 4.

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