OPPO Find X3 Smartphone Antutu Score Exposed

There are a number of digital bloggers exposed a new OPPO phone Antutu running scores. The phone, called OPPO PEEM00, scored 770,000 points in the AnnTutu contest. This score is consistent with the performance of Snapdragon 888 and is likely the OPPO Find X3 score.

Yesterday morning, OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong issued a New Year’s speech, revealed to us a lot of OPPO in the future strategic layout. It is understood that 2021 is the 10th anniversary of the Find series, and the brand new OPPO Find X3 will be released in the first quarter of this year. This mobile phone is the “pioneering work” of OPPO’s strong breakthrough brand, as well as OPPO’s “ideal work of the decade”.

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In addition, OPPO Find X3 will also become a model of good innovation of OPPO, creating exciting products for users and making future life better. OPPO Find X3  will bring new high-end flagship possibilities to users around the world, so the phone is likely to have other bright spots in addition to its tough hardware.

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